Autobiography Pics
A few pictures of items referred to in my bio page
Promo Windjamers-1.jpg
Promo Windjamers-3.jpg
Promo Windjamers-2.jpg
Windjammers at Cactus Annies-4_2024.01.19 Jeff crop.jpg
Windjammers at Cactus Annies-2__25.jpg
Windjammers at Cactus Annies-1__25.jpg
Jeff at White Rock Beach.jpg
1958 - Jeff and guitar.jpg
1958 Christmas - Jeff and Greg.jpg
1958 Christmas - Bernie Jeff and Greg.jpg
2011.02.26 Bistro_jeff1.jpg
Promo shot by Mario-3.jpg
Promo shot by Mario-2.jpg
Promo shot by Mario-1.jpg
Business Card.jpg
Food Bank-1.jpg
Food Bank-2.jpg
Jeff on the beach.jpg
Jeff in Saskatoon.jpg
Jeff - home page.jpg
Traveling Troubadour-1.jpg
Traveling Troubadour-2.jpg
My amp.jpg
1959 Gretsch.jpg
Best Guitar.jpg
Jeff front cut.jpg