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All compositions © 1994/2011 Jeff Wyatt (SOCAN). All arrangements by Jeff Wyatt.

Album Title:   THE BULLFROG SESSION (1994) ReMastered
Label:  Cardboard Alley Music
Catalogue No.:  CAM-002
Origial Release Date:  February 1994
Re-Release Date:  November 24, 2011

  This album has been digitally re-mastered as of October 2011 and is available by contacting this website at this time.

Produced by
:   Ian Tarasoff and Jeff Wyatt
Recorded at:  Bullfrog Recording Studios, Vancouver, BC
Engineered, Mixed  & Mastered by:  Ian Tarasoff
Re-Mastered in 2011 with:  T-RackS 3 Deluxe.
Cover Design by:   Jeff Wyatt
Photography by:   Kasandra Fox

:  THE BULLFROG SESSION started at 11:00 one dark and dreary, rainy Vancouver night within the quaint surroundings of the late Bullfrog Recording Studios at 2475 Dunbar Street.  This January 26th 1994 session was recorded on a Tascam DA88 digital 8 track recorder.  After going at it all night our work was finally completed by 7:00 the following morning.  This was a simple bare-bones project with nothing more than single acoustic guitar and vocal tracks with no additional overdubs.