Heaven Knows_600

© 2014 Michael B. Reilly and Michael Vincent (SOCAN),  arranged by Jeff Wyatt.
Single Title:   HEAVEN KNOWS
Label:  Cardboard Alley Music
Catalogue No.:  CAM-008
Release Date:  June 5th, 2014

Availability:   This single is available by contacting this website only at this time

Produced by:   Jeff Wyatt
Recorded at:  Cardboard Alley Music recording facility, Burnaby BC, 2014
Engineered & Mixed by:  Jeff Wyatt
Mastered with:  T-RackS 3 Deluxe
Art Work & Cover Design by:   Janice and Jeff Wyatt
Photography by:  Darren Quarin. © 2014 Quarin Photography, All Rights Reserved

:  First digital single release of 2014. Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards performed by Jeff Wyatt. Digital percussion programmed by Jeff Wyatt. Backup vocals by Michael Vincent. Recorded on a dual processor PowerMac G5. Software used included Digidesign Pro Tools, Reason, Miroslav Philharmonik and a host of IK Multimedia processors available in T-RackS 3 Deluxe.

HEAVEN KNOWS is a song that was presented as a demo recording by Vancouver writers
Michael B. Reilly and Michael Vincent to guitarist/singer/songwriter Jeff Wyatt to arrange, record and produce with his own particular blues flavor.

Co-writer Michael Vincent worked with Jeff to arrange the outro backup vocals in the final 2 minutes of the song, where you can hear the 2 of them singing 3 part harmony; Michael, twice in the high registers (Left and right) and Jeff in the low (middle of the mix).

Co-Writer Michael B. Reilly of
CANAMERA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP had included Jeff’s final production of HEAVEN KNOWS as the final track on his TUMBLEWEED album, the music of which was arranged and produced by Jeff. Permission was also graciously granted by the two co-writers (Mike and Mike) for Jeff to release his production of HEAVEN KNOWS as a single on his own Cardboard Alley Music record label.

There is an apparent dichotomy between the music and the lyrics of HEAVEN KNOWS. The music is sad and the guitar expresses a tension (almost like another human voice singing the song) but the thoughtful lyrics have brilliance and hope, which is something love always gives.

The basic structure of the song is 12 bar blues, although this is not necessarily apparent to the listener because of the breaks, accents and the various instruments popping in and out throughout the song. The only departure from the strict 12 bar structure is the short intro and the extended outro on the “one” chord.

The single’s artwork was built upon the striking, thought provoking black and white photograph of Jeff’s photographer friend Darren Quarin of