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© 2023 Jeff Wyatt (SOCAN). All arrangements by Jeff Wyatt, Phil Howell & Vince Iormetti.
Album Title:   OFF THE FLOOR
Label:  Cardboard Alley Music
Catalogue No.:  CAM-011
Release Date:  March 6th, 2017 (Official) - May 14, 2016 (Unofficial bootleg version)

Availability:   This album is available by contacting this website only at this time

Produced by:   Jeff Wyatt
Recorded at:  Cardboard Alley Music recording facility, Burnaby BC, 2016
Engineered & Mixed by:  Jeff Wyatt
Mastered with:  T-RackS 3 Deluxe
Art Work & Cover Design by:   Jeff Wyatt
Photography by:  Dan Flynn

:  1st album by Jeff Wyatt & the Wreckin' Crew. Recorded on a dual processor PowerMac G5. Software used included Digidesign Pro Tools, and a host of IK Multimedia processors available in T-RackS 3 Deluxe.

Canadian west coast blues power trio “Jeff Wyatt & the Wreckin’ Crew” recorded “Off the Floor” back in January of 2016. With Jeff Wyatt (guitar/lead vocal), Phil Howell (bass/backup vocal) and Vince Iormetti (drums), this EP is an enjoyable mix of 4 Wyatt originals as well as variations on 2 popular public domain blues standards from the early 1900’s. An infectious groove and a definite live feel were captured in 2 afternoon live off the floor recording sessions. The term "off the floor" has been referenced due to the fact that all instruments were recorded simultaneously, as opposed to the more modern method of multi-tracking and layering instruments and voices individually. As a result these recordings definitely represent the raw, live energy and feel of the band at their shows.

Blues Magazine, Netherlands,
April 24th, 2017 - by Jos Verhagen


"Off the floor recording" is a no-nonsense way of recording music. Plug in your instruments, check for sound and finish. It's a way that's close to what you can expect from a band. I like this style of recording, you get a kind of "live feel" including small mistakes. A mixer to adjust what's up. That's why I'm also "Jam in the van" or "Live on KEXP Seattle" fan, two Youtube channels where "off the floor" is played.

The good thing about Jeff Wyatt is that he delivers a comprehensive bio to his CD that saves you a lot of research, though that particular research makes writing reviews so fun. Jeff Wyatt is a Canadian music veteran who has been playing for years. In the seventies, he became known with Canada's popular prairie rock band Eden. Jeff Wyatt is a musician, writer and recording technician known in the Canadian West Coast and prairie rock scene. In 1990, he started as a solo artist, with folk and roots blues as his thing. Since 2011 he has performed as part of a trio known as The Wreckin’ Crew.

Jeff Wyatt and his Wreckin’ Crew, Phil Howell (bass / backing vocal) and Vince Iormetti (drums) have recorded 6 songs , appropriately called "Off The Floor." Four of the six songs are originals and are accompanied by two famous blues classics, Crossroads and Roll And Tumble. The Wreckin’ Crew includes Phill Howell on a standup bass, which in these recordings is a bit in the background, but that live visual definitely offers some extras. Jeff Wyatt's vocals and his fine guitar game are very much at the forefront of the mix. But it is nice for careful listening. On the two instrumental songs Butt Burger Boogie and Bodhi Surfing, he lets his guitar art extensively be heard, and I see The Shadows of Mark Knopfler for me, the latter of which I would say is definitely an inspirational source for Jeff.

Although there are only six songs, you can say this is a successful record, especially because of the live feel of the off-floor recordings.

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