My Christmas Guitar_600

© 2023 Jeff Wyatt (SOCAN). All arrangements by Jeff Wyatt.
Label:  Cardboard Alley Music
Catalogue No.:  CAM-009
Release Date:  November 15th, 2014

Availability:   This album is available by contacting this website only at this time

Produced by:   Jeff Wyatt
Recorded at:  Cardboard Alley Music recording facility, Burnaby BC, between 2011 and 2014
Engineered & Mixed by:  Jeff Wyatt
Mastered with:  T-RackS 3 Deluxe
Art Work & Cover Design by:   Janice and Jeff Wyatt
Photography by:  Janice Wyatt, John and Marianne Wyatt
CD Replication, Printing & Packaging by: Disc Makers

:  6th solo album. Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards performed by Jeff Wyatt. Digital percussion programmed by Jeff Wyatt. Recorded on a dual processor PowerMac G5. Software used included Digidesign Pro Tools, Reason, Miroslav Philharmonik and a host of IK Multimedia processors available in T-RackS 3 Deluxe.

MY CHRISTMAS GUITAR is a contemporary approach to some popular Christmas favorites, with an obvious emphasis on guitar as the featured instrument. Electric and acoustic, finger-style and slide; the guitar playing styles vary, but the BLUES influence is evident. The works are all adaptations and arrangements of Christmas carols and songs from the Public Domain.

The album begins with an electric blues slide guitar instrumental version of John Wesley Work Jr’s GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN, along with upright bass and drums accompaniment. And later the album concludes with a vocal arrangement of this same song. While WHAT CHILD IS THIS and AULD LANG SYNE are given a more traditional acoustic finger-style approach, and CHRISTMAS GUITAR MEDLEY maintains a ragtime blues acoustic finger style (somewhat similar to Big Bill Broozy), we hear more electric slide blues guitar (and even some vocal) in SILENT NIGHT.

OH CHRISTMAS TREE is what might happen when you combine open tuned electric blues guitar with classical piano. It might be the captured result of Ry Cooder and Wolfgang Mozart casually drinking a few friendly beers and jamming in the studio, while unknown to them the engineer had pressed “record”.

OH HOLY NIGHT (previously released by Jeff as a single for Christmas 2013) and THE FIRST NOEL have a different, but still bluesy electric feel due to Jeff’s use of a Fender Stratocaster, bringing to mind some of the ballad laden riffs of Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler. Orchestral accompaniment adds a colorful backdrop to both of these tracks while the Stratocaster overlays it’s prominent brush strokes.

Go Tell It On the Mountain (Instr) __ (John Wesley Work Jr)
What Child is This __ (William Chatterton Dix)
The First Noel __ (Traditional Adaptation)
Christmas Guitar Medley __ (Traditional Adaptation/Compilation)
Oh Holy Night __ (Adolphe Adam)
Oh Christmas Tree __ (August Zarnack, Ernst Gebhard Anschutz)
Silent Night __ (Franz Gruber, Joseph Mohr)
Auld Lang Syne __ (Robert Burns)
Go Tell It On the Mountain __ (John Wesley Work Jr)